Glyndebourne Stays recommended by Tatler, The Daily Telegraph and Bises magazine (Japan)


A  trip to Glyndebourne Opera is a real treat but for those not living nearby can involve  hours of preparation then a long drive  to the opera and the same home afterwards when tired.

At The Cottage in the Garden we offer an alternative:

How to take the performance out of the Performance

You could stay with us for 3 days and make your visit a relaxing one for our normal

   3 day price or alternatively you could decide to make it truly special and make use

of one of our special Glyndebourne offers below.

The Cottage sleeps one couple in considerable comfort.

To make your trip as relaxing and as memorable as possible we suggest the following alternatives:-

Short 3 day package

    Day 1. Arrive at the cottage, unpack your glad rags (no need to drive miles in evening dress) rest and relax, You might wish to eat at a local pub or restaurant, self cater in the very well equipped kitchen, or take advantage of our truly relaxing gourmet arrival supper at the additonal cost of £90 per couple for supper (see our Welcome Supper).

Day 2.When you are ready to drive the 20-25 minute cross country journey to Glyndebourne Opera we will deliver to your car your pre-chosen Opera hamper and if, rather than use the tables provided by the theatre you wish to picnic alfresco, a picnic table and chairs or the traditional rug.

We provide everything you will need, a hamper with plates, glasses, cutlery, napkins, tablecloth and a gourmet picnic; see suggested menu below. We are only too happy to discuss guests’ picnic ideas.

On your return simply leave everything in our porch. No unpacking, no washing up. No hassle.

    Day 3. After a leisurely breakfast explore the beautiful High Weald, perhaps scour local antique shops or enjoy some relaxed shopping in the spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells. Spend your last night in the blissful comfort of the vast bed and tranquil surroundings of the cottage in the garden.

Price. £600 stay and picnic for two inclusive. ( Does not include supper or breakfast)


Short 3 day package with supper on arrival and breakfast ingredients left for your first morning

Exactly as above but in addition you can choose an evening meal ready for your arrival here and breakfast ingredients left for you to prepare the following morning , for details see our  Welcome Supper

Price £710 including Glyndebourne picnic for two

Extended stays

The minimum stay at the Cottage in the Garden is 3 nights but the package above may be extended at our standard price of £155 per night. We offer longer stays for those booking for more than one Glyndebourne show at our standard £155 per night plus an additional £135 for each Glyndebourne picnic required per couple.                 

The freedom to have the space and privacy to relax, sleep in if wished, self cater and have complete autonomy in exquisite surroundings is a major part of the charm of The Cottage in the Garden. This may be of particular interest to visitors from abroad who have booked tickets for more than one opera during their stay.


You will find a  suggested sample menu below. All our food is home made, using the finest ingredients.We can also extend your picnic, at an additional cost, to include another couple with whom you intend to rendezvous.

Menu for Festival 2018

Menu for two people including teatime sandwiches, cocktails, wine and coffee. £135

Please both choose the same menu

( These are suggestions and we will do all we reasonably can to tailor a menu to your preferences )

For your arrival at Glyndebourne

Smoked salmon canapé sandwiches and to take with you as you explore the gardens:

‘The Cottage in the Garden’ peach liqueur and white wine cocktail

Interval Dinner


Potted spiced prawns with individual handmade onion loaves


Parma ham and roasted peaches


Red peppers roasted in olive oil with anchovy, cherry tomato and garlic

Main Course

Poached chicken in a very elegant and refined white wine sauce made with a liaison of egg, cream and fresh tarragon. Rice salad .


Quiche Lorraine (bacon and cream), or Zewelwaï (creamy onion tart) Salad from our garden.


Poached salmon with Escoffier’s horseradish and walnut chantilly sauce. Green salad



The Cottage in the Garden strawberry fool with shortbread biscuits


Rich. dark, little chocolate pots with brandy


A bottle of good red or white wine, bottled water, a flask of coffee.


Please note: If you prefer we will substitute a bottle of sparkling wine ( and a champagne stopper) for the peach cocktail and the red or white wine